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IoT 01 for ⚡️

Explore the world of connected devices and endless possibilities with our IoT 01 curriculum.

What is IoT 01 Curriculum?

IoT 01 curriculum is a comprehensive 12-week program focusing on the basics of Internet of Things (IoT). It includes practical, project-based learning on using IoT throughout various stages of food production and consumption.

The curriculum covers extensive aspects of IoT.
Learning is facilitated through practical projects.
The course is designed to span over 12 weeks for effective learning.
Practical Applications.
The course provides real-world scenarios, specifically in the food production and consumption industry.

IoT 01

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The IoT 01 curriculum is specifically crafted to offer learners an all-inclusive understanding of the Internet of Things. Over the course of 12 weeks, participants will be able to engage deeply with various aspects of IoT through a project-based approach. This ensures learners can apply their theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios. What sets this curriculum apart is the application of IoT in food production and consumption stages enabling participants to comprehend and utilize IoT in globally significant industries. It's an ideal course for those interested in IoT applications within real-world contexts.

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